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Programmable logic controller(PLC LS) is a general-purpose control device that automatically controls machinery, facilities and assembly lines by user defined programs. It also has a variety of communication functions for sequence, motion and process control


CPU, digital I/O and power are embedded in block-type PLCs, which is easy to Install in whatever area you want for system configuration. In case of module-type PLCs, system configuration is easily achieved by a variety of modules (CPUs, I/O, special modules, network modules).


Highly reliable and strong performance PLC MASTER-K series provides various types of PLC responding various customer needs.(Block-type PLC, Module-type PLC) Through its various communication and special modules, you can construct the optimum system for user-environment.



Smart I/O for efficient and simple system Using Smart I/O, users can reduce the wiring and control I/O in real time, which means it helps to realize simple and effective system. Also it provides various I/O(DC/TR/Realy) and support various communication (Rnet, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, RS422/485)


XGB series is the micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost. With its high performance and functionality, it can support from simple control to complex task.


Redundancy system for high-speed process control based on IEC Processing speed: 42ns/step I/O Points: Max. 131,072 Total memory: 32MB (Program 7MB, Data 2MB, Reserved 7MB, Flash 16MB) Switching over time: 50ms Built-in 256 PID loops control


XGT series incorporate the latest technological achievements in Programmable Logic Controller, made possible by experience and dedication to quality in design and manufacturing.