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CPU, digital I/O and power are embedded in block-type PLCs, which is easy to Install in whatever area you want for system configuration. In case of module-type PLCs, system configuration is easily achieved by a variety of modules (CPUs, I/O, special modules, network modules).


  • High function and high performance with dedicated MPU chip
    •    - IEC 61131-3
  • GLOFA-GM Network
    •    - Fnet, Rnet as master module
    •    - DeviceNet, Profibus-DP as slave module
  • Various built-in functions
    •    - High speed counter 1 point (1-phase 16kHz, 2-phase 8kHz
    •    - Pulse output 1 point (2kHz only available in Tr-output module)
    •    - PID loop with autotuning
    •    - Pulse catch 8 points (pulse catch: Min. 0.2ms)
    •    - Input filter (Noise reduction)
    •    - interrupt point: 8 points (Task program execution by external interrupt input)
    •    - RS-232C interface 1 channel (Built-in Cnet):dedicated, User-defined, Modbus protocol