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The new FP-X PLC series succeeded the popular FP1. With smaller dimensions, increased memory capacity, higher processing speed and optimized motion control signals, the FP-X is well suited for a wide variety of applications. 
The CPUs are available with 14, 30, 38 and 60 I/Os and up to 32k steps program memory. Numerous add-on cassettes, e.g. communication cassettes for RS232, RS422, RS485 and Ethernet communication and function cassettes for analog I/Os, thermocouple, RTD, pulse I/O etc., make the FP-X even more flexible, enabling users to configure the controller to suit their application needs. No additional space is required for these cassettes: you just plug them onto the CPU. When even more functionality or I/Os are required, FP-X and FP0R expansion units can be connected.

Short overview of major functions:

  • Ultra high-speed processing
    High-speed scan of 0.32µs for a basic instruction (1.9ms scan time for 5 ksteps)
  • Large programme capacity
    Programme capacity of 32k steps with a sufficient comment area
  • Great expandability with a wide variety of options
    Max. I/O expansion of 300 channels and further expansion with function expansion cassettes and expansion units
  • High security 
    Program protection with an 8-digit password and a function which prohibits uploads.
  • Up to 3 serial communication ports can be used simultaneously.
    The use of a communication cassette provides up to 3 serial communication ports.
  • USB port
    Easy direct connection with a PC via a commercial USB cable (AB type)
  • Master memory function cassette makes program transfer easy while 
    providing a real-time clock
    - Programme update in a remote location is easy
    - Periodical control and data logging possible
  • Simultaneous 2-axis linear interpolation is possible in two pairs
  • Multi-point PID control
    Sophisticated algorithm and floating-point operations enable high-accuracy PID control
  • Compatible with all FP Series PLCs from Panasonic
    The FP-X can be programmed using FPWIN Pro programming software in compliance with the international standard IEC 61131-3.


Part number I/O Specifications
Power supply Input Output Connection
Relay Types  
AFPX-C14R 8/6 100 to 240V AC 24V DC Relay Screw Terminal
AFPX-C30R 16/14
AFPX-C60R 32/28
AFPX-C14RD 8/6 24V DC
AFPX-C30RD 16/14
AFPX-C60RD 32/28
Transistor Types  
AFPX-C14P 8/6 100 to 240V AC 24V DC Transistor (PNP) Screw Terminal
AFPX-C30P 16/14
AFPX-C60P 32/28
AFPX-C14T 8/6 100 to 240V AC Transistor (NPN)
AFPX-C30T 16/14
AFPX-C38AT 24/14 230V AC
AFPX-C60T 32/28 100 to 240V AC
AFPX-C14PD 8/6 24V DC Transistor (PNP)
AFPX-C30PD 16/14
AFPX-C60PD 32/28
AFPX-C14TD 8/6 24V DC Transistor (NPN)
AFPX-C30TD 16/14
AFPX-C60TD 32/28