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Background: Released in 1997 the FX2N provided major advancements in processing speed and functionality with new options for complex mathematical calculations and data processing. The FX2N also added new expansion options for Ethernet communications, analog and temperature control, and high-speed positioning. The FX2NC provided an ultra-compact option for tight spaces.

Lifecycle: Introduced (1997) - Discontinued (2012)

Service Life: Repair Period Ends 2019

Migration Info: The FX3U or FX3UC PLC should be used in place of an FX2N or FX2NC PLC. The FX3U has the same I/O configurations as the FX2N and the terminal blocks can be removed from the FX2N and placed in the FX3U, so no additional wiring is required. FX2N PLCs can be programmed using the same software as the FX3U, but some review is necessary to ensure that all functions of the program are migrated successfully. Please contact your local Mitsubishi representative if additional assistance is required. 

Suggested Replacements: The following tables list affected FX products and suggest replacements. Please confirm all specifications with the applicable manuals. 

  • Suggested part numbers are not always drop-in replacements
  • Replacing one main unit or expansion product may require an upgrade to the entire system
  • You may need to change programs and wiring