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The PLC-5® processor module in a 1771 platform provides a proven approach for industrial control. PLC-5 processors are high-speed, single-slot processors used for control and information processing. They are designed for larger sequential and regulatory control applications with specialized I/O requirements and/or the need to coordinate with other processors and devices. 

PLC-5 processors are available in a range of I/O capacity and memory size, and can be connected in a variety of networks for distributed processing and distributed I/O. The 1771 I/O products offer a full range of digital and analog I/O (including intelligent I/O) in a rugged modular assembly.

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  • Modularity — Modular I/O and communication interfaces provide a configurable and expandable system. A system should be configured for the required number of I/O and the communication networks. Later, when system expansion is necessary, I/O or communication interfaces can be added.
  • Speed — Fast delivery of messages between networks, between links within networks, and between modules across the backplane.
  • Toughness — Industrially-hardened hardware platform is designed to withstand the vibrations, thermal extremes, and electrical noise associated with harsh industrial environments.
  • Broad I/O options — A large selection of 1771 I/O modules available for use in the local I/O chassis, and an even larger selection of I/O available at locations remote from the processor, can be connected across ControlNet™, DeviceNet™, and Remote I/O links.