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Mitsubishi Low Voltage

Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)

To make a electrical equipment multifunctional by Mitsubishi air circuit breakers which suitable for the main circuit protective device.


Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB)

Wide assorted products which is suitable for protections of an overload, a short circuit and a electric shock in low voltage circuit.



Low Voltage Magnetic Contactors and Relays, Thermal Overloads. Compact dimensions, modular expansion options and a power-saving design - those are the key characteristics of Mitsubishi Electric low-voltage switchgear products.


Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)

Wide assorted products which is most suitable for protections of an overload and a short circuit.




The MS-N series includes magnetic contactors, thermal overload relays and contactor relays. DIN installation rail support and standardised terminal spacing make installation and wiring particularly simple.


Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)

In addition to overload and short-circuit protection for low voltage circuits, we also have the optimal products for earth leakage protection.
Mainly they are used for household and similar installations.
These are compact breakers from 0.1 to 63 A for installation on 35 mm IEC rails.
These are widely used on control panel and power distribution panel branch circuits.

Circuit Breakers for Equipment (CBE)

There is a full range of compact products that are suitable for use as built-in components on devices.

In addition to applications in panels such as control panels, these compact products are also suitable for inclusion inside devices. The thin type circuit protector measuring 17.5 mm per pole is a breaker that is suitable for use as a built-in component.

Motor Circuit Breakers

The MMP-T series is Motor circuit breaker device integrating low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays functions.